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Sarkodie – Confam

Super talented Ghanaian rapper – Sarkodie comes through with yet another masterpiece record tagged “Confam“. The brand new song Confam is a follow-up of his previous hit single dubbed “Try Me“. The song Confam marks its first release this month of July. The brand new song is something you would definitely love to add to your playlist. With its hype, its clear “Sarkodie ” music is a perfect example of good music which can last long. The Zambian Music Industry in 2024 is already producing good talents such Alifatiq, Modecaii, Blood Kid, 76 Drums and many other more to come. Download, listen and enjoy. is your #1 music & entertainment website. You can download songs from your favourite artists such as Yo Maps, Slapdee, Chile One, Macky 2, Rich Bizzy, Alifatiq, JK, Dizmo, Triple M, Coziem, 76 Drums and many other more. We are Zambia's #1 leading music website giving you the latest of releases and we do also have Old Zambian Music. Download, Listen & Enjoy.

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Charley, I go club (yeah)
I see babe (whoa)
She get nyash (huh)
I said, “hey” (what else?)
She said “what?” (Now)
I said “wait” (whoa)
Is that real? (Huh)
Or you be fake? (Yes)
Ɔdii m’akyi kɔɔ me fie (yeah)
Confused (whoa)
Mensɔ TV, na memma no Tom Cruise (huh)
Can I take off your costume?
Ɔse okay buh please, can I use the washroom?
It’s confam (yeah), it’s confam (whoa)
It’s confam (huh), everythin’ is confam
It’s confam, confam
The way shawty lookin’ at me yi deɛ, everythin’ is confam (‘yes’)
It’s confam (whoa), confam (huh), confam
Everythin’ is confam (yeah)
It’s confam (whoa), it’s confam
Barima forgeti yawa no, na everythin’ is confam
Memfa me cash ntɔ Champagne na girl bi ‘mbɛwe’?
Yɛnkɔ fie a ɔse, I’m in my menses
Na mmerɛ a worewe Red Bull ne Moët, ne Don Pérignon no
Why didn’t you come to your senses?
Awuraa, wonim heati a maheati a, nka wonkeka nkwaasɛm
Ma menyi me se mu, meyɛ dentist (yeah)
Mabɔ suit, abɔ tie, nti w’adwen ne sɛ me nua ne Ameyaw
I came from ‘the’ trenches, kaa wo ho
Di m’akyi for the one corner there (yeah)
Ɔreuse n’adwen, ɔyɛ Zanzama girl (whoa)
Wadi me sika awie, charley, life nyɛ fair (naa)
Sesa wo suban, kɔ kɔsua customer care (huh)
Ɛmmaa no, text a mmarima no hia wɔ yɛn phone so a
Ɛma y’adwendwen yɛ okay (yeah)
Baako yɛ, “I will be there” (whoa), “I’m comin soon” (huh)
Nea ɛku yɛn koraa ne, “I’m on my way”
Ɛba no saa a, na
Confam (naa), it’s confam (wooh)
It’s confam (naa), everythin’ is confam (what else?)
It’s confam (confam), confam, the way shawty lookin’ at me
Everythin’ is confam (wooh)
It’s confam (naa), confam (naa), confam, everythin’ is confam (ahn)
It’s confam (wooh), it’s confam
Berma forget yawa no, everythin’ is confam
Baby, me and you, na one plus one (yeah)
Omo, do you wanna have some fun? (Huh)
Wo dɔ no hyɛ m’akoma ho sɛ caftan (whoa)
Baby, make you tell me, what I’ve done (yeah)
Give it to me ’cause I like that bae (huh)
Post a picture with the right caption (yes)
You no go fit stop dancin’
If somebody try, pump action
Ah, Philomina pitingɛ (gɛɛgɛ)
Ɔyɛ ne ho sɛ, mempɛ (yeah, yeah)
Me huuhuu nyinaa, ɛne me nnɛ (gɛn-gɛn)
Tema boy nti menhyɛ syntɛ (fasɛɛ-sɛ)
Ɔkyeame a ɔbubu mpa (whoa)
Wasesa me kuku-nka (yeah)
Me me nsa nka me twofonta
Dumtee, bɔ no kpon-kpon, kpo-don-kpa

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