About Us

Who We Are

I Love Zed Music was created in 2018, July 25th. ilovezedmusic.com is a music website which provides free downloads of music to music-lovers. Ilovezedmusic.com is one of the most visited website which has gained more than 100,000 visitors monthly. Apart from being a provider of Music, ilovezedmusic.com also provides News & Entertainment to readers/visitors.



Our main aim is to provide music to all  music lovers worldwide and to help all artists, established or upcoming artists to archive their goals. Our other mission is to provide authentic news & entertainment.

Where Are We Found

We are not stationary, hence you may need to contact the ilovezedmusic.com founder for any queries. You may contact the ilovezedmusic.com Founder by contacting him through this line – +26 0950501326



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