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Y-Celeb and Ray Dee Split, Could This Be The Downfall & End 408 Empire??

Once again, it seems things things aren’t moving well in the 408 Empire. The 408 empire is collectively made up of 3 artists whose names are Y-Celeb, Ray Dee & Sub Sabala.

A month ago Sub sabala left the 408 Empire. Y-Celeb once claimed that he started the 408 Empire music group and it had no effect Sub Sabala leaving the group because 408 Empire was made up of two artists which was him and Ray Dee. He claimed Sub Sabala joined the group to be helped. Moments later, we saw Sub Sabala joining the 408 empire music group again.

Today, Y-celeb posted a posted something which could mean he and are no longer working together. He first writes on his Facebook post “408 Empire” then writes “Y-Celeb only”.  Then he later thanks Ray Dee for his commitment and effort in their music journey. He added up saying its time. 

Could this be the end 408 Empire or Y-Celeb will continue calling himself 408 Empire alone? We are yet to see that. Subscribe to our website for updates!!


Check Screenshot below!

Daev Zambia – Moonlight


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