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This Is Why Macky 2 Isn’t Retiring From Music, The Dude Lied Us 不不不

Before the release of his album “Olijaba” album, Alpha Entertainments CEO – Macky 2 talked of his decision to retire from music. He said the main reason he was retiring was to pave way for the next generation of great artists. However, some of his close friends like Tommy Dee said he didn’t believe the story of him retiring from music. Looking at how he was talking of his retirement on a couple of platforms, at some point, we ( also believed the story of him retiring from music不. After analyzing everything, this surely looked to be a public stunt to promote his album “Olijaba“. We can all see that the album has good numbers on Boomplay.

To cut the story short, this is how we figured out Macky 2 still has a lot to offer and it doesn’t really look like his retiring anytime soon. If you all remember, in February 2022 Macky 2 released a song title “System“. Following the release of the song, he had done an interview with radio presenter – K Jay Lashawn where he talked about his retirement. On the interview with K Jay Lashawn, Macky 2 said “Olijaba” album was going to have 25 songs, but after its release, we noticed it only has 12 songs, Kaya kwe anapeleka the rest of the 13 songs不不. He said the album was going to have 5 international features, One artist from Malawi (Namadingo), One artist from East Africa (Harmonize), One artist from Southern Africa (AKA), and two other international features. Yesterday (05/06/2022), one of his video directors – Lanzee Cooper questioned Macky 2 why he removed the song which featured a Nigerian artist on the song不不. Incase you doubting our article, Listen to the interview below!!

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