Tbwoy Reported To Have Walked Out On An Interview, Unza Radio Management Responds!

Zambian super talented singer – Tbwoy is reported to have walked out on an interview on UNZA Radio 91.7Fm. He featured on a show hosted by Godwin Lungu captioned “Loving Youth Foundation Programme“.

Tbwoy is reported to have walked out on an interview because he was asked inappropriate questions by the presenter. The questions being asked by the presenter were not disclosed to the media but according to some individuals who had listened to the interview, they said the presenter asked Tbwoy questions which were too personal. It was this which led Tbwoy to walk out on the interview without completing it. Tbwoy  later on posted on his Facebook page:

“I went to UNZA radio today and the journalist started asking me silly questions monga bamutuma Satana I walked out pali mailo“.

Following this incident, UNZA Radio Management issued a statement of Apology to Tbwoy. Check the statement below!

UNZA Radio 91.7FM would like to apologize to Musician Tanonga Nswana also known as T-BWOY who featured on Loving Youth Foundation Program today for inappropriate questions asked by the Presenter of the show. As a Radio Station, we would like to put it on record that our presenter wasn’t in any way trying to pull you down or embarrass you on air but only to find out more about your personal life, career and lifestyle. We would also like to state that the views or opinions of our presenter during the interview does not represent the views or opinions of the Radio Station or management but that of the presenter. We therefore, would like to apologize once more for all the damages caused on your reputation, career and your family. 
As UNZA Radio our aim is not to attack or bring artists or musicians down but to continue promoting excellence in music and art and further contribute to the growth of the Zambian music industry by providing a platform to musicians to promote their music and artworks through our programming which seeks to educate, inform and entertain. 

cc:UNZA Radio Director of Programs
cc:UNZA Radio Deputy Director of Programs


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