I Love Zed Music is Zambia’s #1 Music & Entertainment News Website. Promoting Established as well as Uprising Talent. Here are some of the services we offer and their prices:-

Song Upload – K30
Video Upload – K80
Albums & Mixtapes – K200
Profiles & Biographies – K25
News Publishing – K25
Song Artworks – K60
Posters – K150
Photo Shoots – K70

Other Prices
Double Song Releases – K170
Top Hot Category (1 Month) – K500
Top Hot Category (2 Weeks) – K200
Sub Hot Categories (1 Month) – K250
Sub Hot Categories (2 Weeks) – K100

Song Can Be Sent On Our Email: Upload@ilovezedmusic.com or WhatsApp 0969719794, 0978217810.
Working hours – 08:00 to 20:00.

Conditions For A Song To Be Uploaded On ilovezedmusic.com

1. Song should have a good quality artwork, should at least be 600×600 in size. Songs Without Artworks will be published with our website art.
2. All songs which are below average will be rejected.
3. When You Send Your song: You should include the following: Artist Name, Featured Artist Name, Title of Song, Producers Name.

Duration For Song To Be Uploaded
It Takes 1hr – 2hours for a song to be published on our website. If We Take Much Time, We Give a maximum of 4hrs.

Benefits Of Uploading Your Song With ilovezedmusic.com
1. All songs uploaded on our website can be accessed on all major search platforms such as google, bing & yandex.
2. When we receive your song, we may advice you which promotion suits you.
3. Visitors have no problem with downloading songs on our website, its just a click and the song start downloading (No Redirects).
4. Downloads are genuine, We guarantee all our artists that all there songs will be also sponsored on other platforms such as Facebook.
5. Visitors can easily share the song on Social platforms using our share icons.
6. All songs will be published on our Facebook fan Page with more than 13000 followers, they will also be published on Twitter, Instagram.


Need An Upload?
Please don't send us any messages if you are not an artist or if its not related to business..