“Savuka” By Slapdee & “Early Riser” By Macky Both Videos Race At 142K+ Views | With “Early Riser” Promising High Numbers!


Two HipHop Moguls – Macky 2 & Slapdee released videos on the same day (30/07/2020). The two videos have scored high numbers on YouTube since then. Slapdee’s “Savuka” video was released early in the morning around 8hrs on 30/07/202 while Macky 2’s video was released at 15hrs on the same day.

Both currently have 142K views today but it seems Macky 2 will have more views in the next few hours. This might be because Macky 2 has more subscribers than Slapdee on YouTube. Macky 2 beats Slapdee with 8000 subscribers.

Watch: Slapdee ft. Busiswa – Savuka |+Mp3

Watch: Macky 2 ft. Pompi – Early Riser |+Mp3