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Roberto ft Tiger Tonka & Dizmo – Poverty (Remix) Mp3 Download

Roberto ft Tiger Tonka & Dizmo – Poverty (Remix) Mp3 Download

The superstar Roberto drops the remix of his smash hit single “Poverty”. Following the unprecedented success of Roberto’s chart-topping single “Poverty,” featuring Tiger Tonka and Dizmo. The original song has been topping charts across the nation, captivating audiences and garnering widespread acclaim from both fans and fellow artists alike. In a groundbreaking move, Roberto, known for his innovative approach to music, used the Poverty Challenge as a platform to discover fresh talent. It was during this challenge that the mesmerizing verse of Tiger Tonka caught the attention of Roberto, sparking a nationwide buzz and cementing Tiger Tonka’s position as a rising star in the Zambian music scene. To further elevate the remix, Roberto enlisted the collaboration of one of his favorite rappers, Dizmo, resulting in a dynamic and powerful rendition of “Poverty.” The accompanying music video, directed by the talented Og Beejay, was exclusively shot in various iconic locations across Lusaka, including Royal Park Matero, Findeco House, and the Arcades Flyover on the Great East Road. The decision to temporarily close the Great East Road for the shoot marked a historic moment in Zambian music, generating diverse opinions and discussions across the nation. 

Clocking in at 03:57, the music video seamlessly weaves together captivating dance routines and visually stunning shots. Og Beejay’s masterful direction brings the essence of “Poverty” to life, creating a visual spectacle that complements the infectious energy of the remix. “Poverty” serves as Roberto’s final release for 2023 and holds a special place in his forthcoming album, “Roberto – Born To Win,” slated for release in 2024. The song encapsulates the artist’s commitment to pushing boundaries and providing a platform for emerging talents while delivering an unforgettable musical experience.

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