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Ray Dee (Mr R) Calls Dope Boys Copycats, Also Says Y-Celeb & Him Have Re-united!

1/2 of 408 Empire – Ray Dee (Mr R) did an interview with Dj Showstar yesterday. The interview was done because people wanted to find out why Ray Dee and Y Celeb split and also what will be his reaction to Y Celeb’s Diss track.

In the interview, before Ray Dee talked about the issue which was trending on social media about 408 Empire splitting, He talked about the Dope Boys and also former group mate “Sub Sabala”.

When Ray Dee was asked if he saw any competition with the Dope Boys, he replied that he didn’t see any competition with the Dope Boys because everything they do, they copy and paste which includes also their dance moves.

Ray Dee was now questioned about what led Y-Celeb dissing you on a track. He began explaining that he had no Facebook account, only an Instagram account. He says people created accounts on Facebook pretending to be him and started circulating information that him and Y-Celeb are doing shows separately. Unfortunately Y-Celeb took it that it was him and this why he even mentioned Ray Dee as a snitch on his diss track.

Dj Showstar then asked if 408 empire is still existing because it was made up of Y-celeb and Ray Dee. Ray Dee’s reply was that its still existing because that issue of 408 splitting was resolved.

Ray Dee further says Y-Celeb should do a public apology despite them reuniting.

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