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Music Fan Asks J.O.B Why He Hates Bobby East, J.O.B Reacts….

Some music fans  think J.O.B still hates Bobby East after J.O.B addressed Bobby East on a full song titled Dear Brother (Download Song Here), and also addressed him on his verse on My Diary 7 by KB (Read Story Here).

Yesterday,  when a music fan asked J.O.B why he hated Bobby East, J.O.B’s reply was that he didn’t hate Bobby East and he also questioned the music fan why he would do that.

The music fan with the Facebook username Andrew Jay later on questioned him why he was taking shots at Bobby East of late. J.O.B then replied that he wasn’t taking shots at Bobby East, he was just doing mentions in songs which is very true…

Later on, Andrew Jay advised J.O.B to stop mentioning Bobby East on the Mic (Reffering to songs) if he has anything personal with him.


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