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“Macky 2 Is A Pompous Retired Musician Without A Grammy Award” Says Lily Mutamz

Onn Saturday, 5th November 2022, Izu Stores founder – Manuel Izukanji received Chilanga Mulilo from bilionaire James Ndambo’s daughter. Some of the special guests at the Chilanga Mulio were photographers such as Fern, Musicians such as Macky 2 & Chef 187, Comedians such as IDC. However, some Zambians had issues with the dress code at the Chilanga Mulilo. They criticized the dress code stating Zambians had lost its culture. See some of the photos below.

In a trending circulating video on Facebook, its reported Macky 2 blasted the critics of those criticizing the dress code. He says the wedding wasnt for the critics parents or Government. Its also been reported that social media influencer – Lily Mutamz was one of the few people who criticized the dress code. In a response to one of the Facebook posts on Facebook where Macky 2 blasted the critics, she said Macky 2 Is A Pompous Retired Musician Without A Grammy Award. See screenshot below!!

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