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Macky 2 Explains Why He Started Selling His Music!

A day ago, Macky 2 went live on Facebook and he addressed so many issues of which one of them was why he started putting out his music on sale. His latest single ‘GBM” is on sale whereby you need to subscribe to the MusicZed app to be able to download the song.

The song ‘GBM’ is his second single of the year 2019 to be released on the MusicZed App. The first single was Bombafye which was released for free download after 10 days. GBM will be released for free download after 5 days.

On his Facebook live post, Macky 2 gives an example saying its better to have a hit  song like Bombafye which will make noise in the street and he makes money from it atleast even a 10,000 kwacha rather than having a hit song which will make noise in the street and he doesn’t make money from it. The rapper further adds saying its time Zambian Fans start supporting their artists through music sales. He further criticizes who are leaking songs and also eulogizes all bloggers for making music available on sites and as well as updating people on entertainment news.




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