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KB – My Diary 12 (ft. Bobby East, Krytic, Kiss B, Kopala Pastor, Terry)

KB ft. Bobby East, Krytic, Kiss B, Kopala Pastor, Terry – My Diary 12 Mp3 Download

K-Amy CEO – Yahya Kaba popularly known as Kb Killa Beats has got an album tagged “Family Reunion”. Its the album which is currently on demand following Macky 2’s Olijaba release. The album has My Diary 12 on it and some top artists on it as well as new rising artists. KB writes; Here is something I didn’t tell you before. I came up with the name Family Reunion from a song that I plan to make a series like My Diary. The clue I left was the empty plate. That should tell you that it continues. That song has the people you see on the album cover.
So Family Reunion will be a 4 or 5 part series that will accommodate every single artist that passed through K Amy.

Track number four on the album is MY DIARY 12. My Diary 12 features Bobby East, Krytic, Kiss B, Kopala Pastor, Terry. is your #1 music & entertainment website. You can download songs from your favourite artists such as Yo Maps, Slapdee, Chile One, Macky 2, Rich Bizzy, Alifatiq, JK, Dizmo, Triple M, Coziem, 76 Drums and many other more. We are Zambia's #1 leading music website giving you the latest of releases and we do also have Old Zambian Music. Download, Listen & Enjoy.

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BOBBY EAST LYRICS Dear diary we ain’t spoke in a while let me update you/ Pen on paper umoyo wanga uli painful / How many times can they cancel me I wonder / I try to do good but ni blunder after blunder / I’m from the land where the birds don’t sing / All my life I had to put up a fight like Don King/ Free all my homies echo yesu afwila / All my brothers doing push ups kuchimbokaila / Sembe nima mpeta 💪🏽 manje 🥘 not Sana / Ndise manzi yakonka Mufolo ku mumana / I’m just a kid of my environment / Born a sweetheart but the world made us violent/ I don’t want the whole thing boss Nipempako slice / Last year I found out that I had a price 💰/ And I made y’all angry I’m sorry 😞 / I skim I am a good man but please don’t tempt me / Last year I lost some friends and some stayed down / I still got goons that will stomp on your yard like Chris brown / Still a street nigga never learnt my lesson / Moba ukasila I use the bottle🍾 as a weapon/ Last year they said I fell off it’s a lieeee!! They should eat 💩monga slay Queen ku Dubai / Ngati ndiwe 🐸 it’s impossible to dissect / I’m never off topic you just need to use your interlect / That boy spit 🔥 listen to the dilect / Read between the lines I won’t give it to you direct / Buga say his tired 😓 but I ain’t done yet / I was stealing from the 🚣‍♀️ I’m a pirate 🏴‍☠️ /


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KB – My Diary 12 Mp3 Download

KB ft. Bobby East My Diary 12 Mp3 Download

KB ft. Krytic My Diary 12 Mp3 Download

KB ft. Bobby East, Krytic, Kiss B, Kopala Pastor, Terry Diary 12 Mp3 Download Mp3


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