KB Explains Why Alpha Romeo Was Missing On His Thankful Album

Prominent producer Yahya Kaba porpularly known as Kb had an interview with K’chinga on Zambezi Magic. K’chinga asked questions that most Zambian Music Fans would like to know.
The first question asked by K’chinga was why Alpha Romeo was missing on the Thankful album which was recently released by Kb. The album which had 18 tracks featured more than 15 well established artist but Alpha Romeo was not in any of the songs on the album.
Answering K’chinga’s question, Kb starts by praising Alpha Romeo as we quote what he said “Alpha is always gonna be my boy, you know__Alpha is the first born as his the one we started the record label with“. He then says that not putting Alpha Romeo on the album was not a deliberate move. The song which Alpha Romeo and him had done, Alpha did not vibe to it and also he did not want to make it look like everything he had done it has always had Alpha Romeo on it as we know since the year 2008, most projects done by Kb had Alpha Romeo on it. This is the main reason why Alpha Romeo was missing on the Album.
The second question asked by K’chinga was if T-Sean & Kb were still cooperating as we know Kb’s Thankful Album had collided with T-Seans Album. Kb had announced that his album was going to be named Grateful as well as T-sean said his album was going to be named Grateful. After seeing this, Kb had to change his album name from Grateful to Thankful. Answering K’chinga’s quetion, Kb says that he is still cooperating with T-sean as he worked with him before in the Diary Album.

You can download the interview in audio format below.

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