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Jemax Mercilessly Ignores Swati’s Messages After Eating Up Her Money For Promotion Of Her Song!

Nexus Music Entertainments star – Jemax just got involved in a social media scandal. This comes after the singer – Swati took it to social media on her Facebook platform that Jemax was ignoring her messages as well as calls after she saw he wasnt promoting her song. 11 Days Ago, Swati & Jemax released a joint track titled “Jhoom Boom Boom” of which we believe the original owner of the song is Swati. The music video for the song was uploaded on Jemax’s song for the purpose of exposure. Swati shared some screenshots where it was seen Jemax “Ba Chilolo” made sure all her messages were ignored.

SWATI WROTE; I am so disappointed in JEMAX . I have put in so much money in making our joint song JHOOM BOOM BOOM, but he is neither promoting it as we agreed no talking to me. I have tried several times to call him, he doesn’t answer my calls. He doesn’t even reply to my texts, see the screenshots I have attached. Up to now I don’t know what the matter is, he has suddenly changed and disappeared on me. We agreed that I was to pay for the expenses of the video, while he is to handle promoting the song. The only thing he has done is to upload the song on his YouTube channel and on boomplay. I have asked him several times the promotion strategy he has made up, but he has not being talking to me. If only Jemax has being seriously promoting JHOOM BOOM BOOM like we agreed, the song would have gotten the attention it deserves by now. I feel so helpless and exploited by the way Jemax is treating me. I’ve being deeply hurt, I don’t know what to do. I am kindly asking if there is anyone who can help me reach out to Jemax. Please people, help me. If he can’t stick to our initial agreement, then he must refund me all the money I have put in this song πŸ˜”

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