Jay Rox Celebrates The Success Of “Distance” Video And Seemingly takes Shady Shots At Zone Fam

Headphone Music artist – Jay Rox has today celebrated the success of his video “Distance” which got more views on YouTube than most of his previous projects including the projects done when he was in Zone FAM.
The Afro-Pop artist posted on his social handle (Facebook)  that the video “Distance” got more views than Contolola, Translate, Chikali, Da Bidness & Shaka Zulu. All the videos mentioned where the projects done while he was still in Zone FAM. This pretty looked like a shady shot to his former group mates in Zone Fam because he once said on My Diary 7 by KB that his former group mates didn’t treat him as a good friend and also said he did most of the work in Zone FAM.

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When a music fan asked him why he was now throwing shade at Zone FAM, his reply was that the couldn’t throw shade at his own work.