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South African award-winning hip-hop rapper,singer, songwriter and performer, Jay Jody drops a brand new single titled “Free”. The song is taken off from his long awaited studio extended play projects which is tagged Revenge Is Sweet EP. The new project “Revenge Is Sweet” EP, serves as Jay Jody latest studio efforts for the new year 2023. The EP is very great and full energy. is your #1 music & entertainment website. You can download songs from your favourite artists such as Yo Maps, Slapdee, Chile One, Macky 2, Rich Bizzy, Alifatiq, JK, Dizmo, Triple M, Coziem, 76 Drums and many other more. We are Zambia's #1 leading music website giving you the latest of releases and we do also have Old Zambian Music. Download, Listen & Enjoy.

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Free Lyrics [Chorus: Jay Jody] I guess I’m free baby (I’m free) Is it just me, baby? (Just me yeah) Just look at me baby, I’m free I guess I’m free baby (Free baby) Is it just me, baby? (Just me, just me) Revenge is sweet, baby, I’m free (Fee, oh) [Verse 1: Jay Jody] Look, I’m free like buy one and get one more I’m free like the first live show for your core Y’all free like I came through to show you support So let us in my nigga, it’s just me plus four Feels like we end up with nothin’ when we start gettin’ it all Feels like it’s better when you mind your own and don’t get involved Feels like you think that I’m the problem when it’s not gettin’ solvеd I’m losin’ battles with my demons but I might win the war I’m losin’ family mеmbers I’m losin’ faith in the Lord My niggas movin’ so reckless, they lost respect for the law, yeah You might change your views If you could see what we saw But the social see-saw will never ever be even at all So free me from the shit my pops never learnt from Free me from the pain my mother never healed from Free from from hatin’ on myself ’cause I ain’t perfect Free me from thinkin’ I ain’t shit, I don’t deserve it Abaphantsi, noNkulunkulu bengicela nami ning’phakamise Abaphantsi, noNkulunkulu bengicela nami ning’jabulise Freedom fighter, lepara, I’m fightin’ for my legacy Costs to be the boss but being yourself is really just for free



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