Thursday, February 27, 2020
Social Media Buzz

“Every time he got paid K2000, he only gave me K20 As A Backing Vocalist” – Petersen Zagaze, Twitter Users Think Its JK!

Petersen Zagaze narrates a real life story which occurred in the Early’s of 2000. He wrote: In 2004 I refused to be his backing vocalist for a performance because every time he got paid K2000, he only gave me K20, even after writing songs on his album including his title track. He followed me home at 3am just so he could beat me up. Today I smile at him & shake hands.


Petersen Zagaze also says he was threatened to be beaten up by the same person.



Petersen Zagaze however did not mention the name of the person he was talking about. He hints saying its a Zed Music pioneer. T Bwoy said he knew who Petersen Zagaze was talking about.


Many twitter users thought it was JK he was talking about after he said he used to do jingles for the electoral commission of Zambia. Petersen Zagaze denied that it wasn’t JK.