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Dj H Mac Confirms Its Been 2 Years, 4 Months He Last Saw Slapdee & Bobby East, Blames It On Bwalya Kalandanya!

Former XYZ Entertainment manager – Harry Mwanza popularly known as Dj H Mac just posted something controversial on his whatsapp status which was monitored by our team I Love Zed Music. He says its been two years, 4 months he last saw his two artists and all this is because of Bwalya Kalandanya. Even though he didnt mention that the two artists he was talking about are Slapdee & Bobby East, its quite obvious its Bobby & Slap since most people know he was was managing the two artists two years ago. Its also a well known fact that he exited the record label XYZ Entertainments shortly after Bwalya Kalandanya signed Bobby East & Slapdee and made them do a campaign song for the PF.

Some rumours say Bobby East & Slapdee were given money by the PF through Bwalya Kalandanya. However when Bobby East & Slapdee were given the money, they didn’t give a share to their record label mates.

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