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Dave – Sprinter Mp3 Download

Dave – Sprinter Mp3 Download

English rapper – David Orobosa Omoregie, also known as Santan Dave, or just Dave drops a brand new single titled “Sprinter”. The song “Sprinter” features Central Cee. It is a true masterpiece that showcases the incredible talents of all those involved in its creation. From the smooth vocals to the expertly crafted beats, every aspect of this song is a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in its production.

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[Verse 1: Central Cee] The mandem too inconsiderate, five-star hotel, smokin’ cigarette Mixin’ codeine up with the phenergan She got thick, but she wanna get thin again Drinkin’ apple cider vinegar Wearin’ Skim ’cause she wanna be Kim and ’em Uh, alright, I know that you’re bad, stop actin’ innocent We ain’t got generational wealth It’s only a year that I’ve had these millions My whip could’ve been in the Tokyo Drift ’cause it’s fast and furious I went from the Toyota Yaris to Urus, they had their chance but blew it Now this gyal wan’ me in her uterus, fuck it, I’m rich, let’s do it (Fuck it) [Chorus: Dave & Central Cee] Take a look at these diamonds wrong, it’s a life of squintin’, can’t just stare With bae through thick and thin She already thick, so I’m halfway there (Hahaha) Brown and bad, couldn’t change my mind, I was halfway there One hundred meters, huh I just put nine gyal in a Sprinter (Uh) One hundred eaters, they won’t fit in one SUV, nah S-O-S, somebody rescue me I got too many gyal, too many-many gyal, I got They can last me the next two weeks, uh Huh, alright, like send the address through, please [Verse 2: Dave & Central Cee] SUV, the outside white The inside brown like Michael Jack’ More time, man build a line and trap Spend like I don’t even like my stack Pistol came on a Irish ferry, let go and it sound like a tap dance (Bap) The way that I ball, no yellow The ref haffa give me a black card Who did what we doin’ with rap? Man couldn’t sell out his show after all them years of doin’ the cap Sprinter, two gyal in a van Inter, two man in Milan, heard one of my tings datin’ P. Diddy Need twenty percent of whatever she bags Outside, my head in my hands [Verse 3: Central Cee] I told her my name is Cench, she said, “No, the one on your birth certificate,” uh Your boyfriend ran from the diamond test ’cause they weren’t legitimate, nah She Turkish-Cypriot, but her curves Brazilian, uh I want her, and bro wants her affiliate I’m cheap, still hit a chick like, “Yo, can I borrow your Netflix?” She a feminist, she think I’m sexist Twistin’ my words, I think she dyslexic Give me my space, I’m intergalactic Before I give you my Insta’ password, I’ll give you the pin to my AmEx, huh, alright This ain’t stainless steel, it’s platinum Dinner table, I got manners, huh T-shirt tucked in, napkin “Still loading,” that’s the caption, I’ve only amounted a minimal fraction Eat good, I got indigestion Bare snow in my hood, no Aspen, can’t get rid of my pain with Aspirin Dave just came in an Aston, I’m makin’ that Maybach music (M-Maybach Music) They’re tryna insult my intelligence, sometimes, I may act stupid I never went uni, I been on the campus sellin’ cocaine to students If bro let the drumstick beat, then somethin’ gon’ leak We ain’t playin’ exclusives


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