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Chef 187 Says His Album “Bon Appetit” Won’t Leak

Few days ago, we saw two songs from “Bon Appetit” leaked online from various sources. The ILZM media got hold of them and we uploaded both of the songs. Today, a few hours ago, Chef 187 said that the two songs off the album, “sensei” and “No Minyo Minyo” which got leaked are not the official versions on the album.


When a twitter user, probably a music fan told him he should wait and see how his full album will leak.


Chef 187 replied and we quoted “Teti” which simply means that can’t happen. 


The two songs namely “sensei” and “No Minyo Minyo” which have been declared not official can be downloaded below.


Chef 187 – Sensei



Chef 187 – No Minyo Minyo


Daev Zambia – Moonlight


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