Boomplay: Download Zambian Music For Free

It is frustrating how most of us listen to a certain song, yet we can’t be able to download it because the option of the MP3 song download isn’t there or just the song needs some sort of payment to be downloaded. Music is the food of the soul despite the regional differences, be it from the North to the South or East to the Western parts of Africa. Music is diverse and you can get a wide range of music from any country across Africa and beyond, especially from Zambia. Most of the time, we have limited access to save songs to listen to offline, but with Boomplay Music, you have the chance to download Zambian music for free and have that MP3 song download easily accessible without too much of a hustle.

So, are you stranded on getting that trendy MP3 song download without paying a dime for it? Here are easy ways how to download Zambian Music for free on Boomplay:

    1. First, make sure that you have a Boomplay account and Log In to your account!Boomplay app
    2. With  the search bar icon on the bottom of the screen of the main menu, you can search for any Zambian Musician or song to select the Mp3 song you wish to download. For example, “Teti Ndabe by Macky2.”Zambian Music on Boomplay
    3. Click the three dots beside the song and you’ll be provided with a mini menu that gives you the option to download that MP3 Zambian music for free
    4. Click that Download option and choose any resolution or quality of the audio you prefer to download that MP3 song for free, either Lite or Standard. Remember the Premium quality requires you to have a subscription.
    5. Wait for it to download and you could listen to it offline once the MP3 song download is complete.
    6. Either way, you could click the download icon beside the song (a faster way for MP3 song download) and you will be provided the same options for the qualities of the audios to choose from, that is Lite, Standard or Premium. In this case, Lite or Standard.
    7. Alternatively, you could just click the ‘Download all’ option from any playlist you have, let’s say for instance the playlist below, TOP 100 ZAMBIA, you could have the chance to download Zambian music to have many MP3 songs downloaded at once.  top 100 Zambian musicTo easily identify how to download Zambian Music for free, Boomplay Music makes it easier for all users by displaying the ‘Free’ icon beside the song so that users can easily have that Mp3 song download at their fingertips. Avoid getting frustrated that you can’t have an audio easily accessible when you could just have the Boomplay Music App minimizing the job for you.

Check out the latest trending Zambian songs making waves in that country and in Africa and be sure to have that MP3 song download to vibe anywhere and everywhere with your friends and family. Download Zambian Music easily through the above steps and find out how easier it is to have that song other apps can’t let you download for free.


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