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A Clique Of Fans Say ‘Hatemail 2’ By Bobby East Was Directed To J.O.B

Few days ago, XYZ Entertainments CEO – Bobby East dropped ‘Hatemail 2’. Hatemail Part 1 was released nine years ago. Bobby East decided to release part two of Hatemail after so much requests from music fans. The requests came after Bobby East faced a lot of social media backflash after affiliating himself to Politics. According to some music fans, the 5minutes 18seconds song (Hatemail 2) seemed to be a direct shot aimed at his longtime friend J.O.B who is also an artist and producer. The two individuals are known not to be in good terms but on several occassions Bobby East has said they are on good terms.

Here is why some clique of fans think Bobby East’s song “Hatemail 2” was directed to his friend J.O.B. In 2018, Bobby East released an album named “Vanilla”. On the album, there was a song titled “Mbuli Ni Guy”. On the song, Bobby East mentioned being a back up artist for J.O.B. This wasn’t well received by J.O.B. In 2019, J.O.B decided to do a full song titled “Dear Brother” directed to his friend Bobby East. On the song “Dear Brother”, J.O.B said when Bobby East mentioned that he was a backup artist for him, it was a sucker punch (an unexpected punch or blow) straight to the dream that they both believed in. The two artists are known to have struggled together to get their fame and make it out of the ghetto. They didnt seem to be so close after some years. The first part of Hatemail 2 all seemed to be directed to J.O.B since it has a similar message as to what he was complaining on Dear Brother. After reading this article, do you think the song was directed to J.O.B?

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