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Umu Obiligbo – Ifeoma

Umu Obiligbo – Ifeoma Mp3 Download

Here is a brand new trending traditional song by Nigerian duo – Umu Obiligbo who release a song tagged “Ifeoma” Umu Obiligbo is one of the loved highlife duos in Nigeria, they are masters of their own craft, feeding their audience with good melodies, which will continue to linger on their playlist. Ifeoma is another tremendous tune to enjoy. Moreover, this serves as a follow-up after their extended playlist, Music And I, which embodies a total number of six tracks, with vocal performances from Magnito and the legendary Nigerian lyrical genius, Rudeboy.

Umu Obiligbo consist of two singers; Okpuozor and Akunwafor, they became popular after releasing the hit song ‘Culture’ which featured Phyno and Flavour. Last year the music duo blessed us with 3 lovely tunes, ‘Enjoyment‘, ‘Zambololo‘ and ‘On God‘. Since is well known as a home of music and entertainment updates, It will be a nice choice for you to bookmark this website and use the search button to look for any music of your choice ( in the case of old songs which you could not find, don’t worry just notify us via the comment section we will update it ASAP) and don’t forget to let us know how you feel after each download.

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Umu Obiligbo – Ifeoma Mp3 Download

ifeoma by umu obiligbo mp3 download

Umu Obiligbo – Ifeoma Lyrics & Translation Okwa agana anunu ogwu Police ewe bia Asikwam anwu na ngwo na nke bu nkwu nabia Nsi na olue ka osi elu na ndi ana ekwu na abia” eeh nabia Ngwa gwa kwa ofeke buo n’ uzo na ndi ana ekwu na bia” ona abia Ana esi ibobo ngo Umu Obiligbo abia Hard man ewusigo ife anyi na achu bu owo eeh owo Asim na hard man ewusigo ife anyi na achu bu owo Osolu fa osolo fa ifeoma ga eme na ogbo Abatalum be Amechi Obulu laptop na aka Njuo meche nwanne m Osi na ona atu olu Mgbe anyi na agwu akwukwo Amechi ede nwulo afia Njuo meche nwanne onye iti ona atu olu Amechi nwanne m ngwulo ona agba oso Iyoo ayeeeh ndi ana ekwu na abia Iyooo ayeeeh ifeoma ga eme na ogbo Ima mbosi nji tuba egwu ndi ana akpo Nonso eeh Nonso Asim ima mbosi nji tuba egwu ndi ana akpo Nonso eeh Nonso Ima kwa na nonso jelu congo ebe ona acho comfort Ima kwa na Nonso jelu congo ebe ona acho comfort Ifugo ife nwanyi na eme Nonso no nga na away Na Obodo congo ebe ona acho comfort eeh comfo….. Hard man ewusigo ife anyi na achu bu owo Okwu ngwalu guy man ukwu oku Consider akpa gi Ukwu na acha gi oku Consider Akpa gi Ukwu na enwu gi oku Consider Akpa gi Nni nwa- ogala go onu Pampers- ogala go onu Papa ejima buzikwa ego Iyoo aahe ifeoma na eme n’ ogbo Ijenu go ekpere na ugwu nso Asim ijenu go ekpere na ugwu nso Ebe ife di ike n’ eme ayeh Ocho okwu kpachalu anya gi Asim ocho okwu kpachalu anya gi Maka ichota onye chi ya fulu na anya Okwa ima na ikotago Chukwu okike bu mpa eeh Ifem ntulu ya omaputa obie ozikwa ogbo ogwu ndi nso eyah eh Amaka m ife na nnewi obia otu onitsha na oga ezo Ife m fulu kam nekwu iye eh eh Oka onye egbunie onye obuna bili na udo uwa ga abasi onye obuna Ozikwa uwa chukwu Ilo uno ajoka ilo onyi na odi njo Okwa omelu m malu na anyinwa akaligo egwu iyoo ayeh Onye mgbu chekwa na Obodo oyibo bu ebe ana awota ego Inolu Nigeria onye obuna edebe ilu Mgbe afu ino naija fa eme be onye kene sunny Ma mgbe fa ji fu picture gi ebe ino na Obodo oyibo onye obuna asa ba ilu Ututu odelu gi ife efifie ojuo gi my guy iri gokwa nri iyoo ayeh ifeoma na eme no ogbo Umu Obiligbo Ifeoma Lyrics English Translation You will not be heard The police came I also say that the sun and the palm and the palm are coming The noise is loud and the people are coming. ” eeh nabia “Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!” The Obiligbo Umu project is underway Hard man strengthens our love for money I say hard work to strengthen our worship of man Osolu fa osolo fa ifeoma will happen in the future Abatalum be Amechi Hold the laptop in your hand Njuo meche my brother He is also a voice actor When we finished reading Amechi’s book was written Njuo yeche the brother of the beater Shut up my brother the speed bump Iyoo ayeeeh those who are said to be coming Iyooo ayeeeh ifeoma ga eme na ogbo You’re a real spit fire and that’s exactly what we like on this site CC! I say I love music and play music called Nonso eeh Nonso You are also in the Congo where you are looking for comfort You also know that Nonso jelu congo where he wants comfort Female genital mutilation is not uncommon In Congo where you are looking for comfort eeh comfo ….. Hard man strengthens our worship of man Talk to you soon and keep up the good content Consider your baggage Your legs are burning Consider Your Bag Your feet are burning Consider Your Bag You’re a real spit fire Pampers- don’t go Daddy’s twins are also money You see, there are times when you just can’t seem to get your act together Go to the mountain to pray I say go and pray in the mountains Strong winds are blowing Be careful with your words I want you to be careful To find out who the gods are Okwa ima na ikotago God of creation is a blessing yes I’m getting rid of acne scars and scrubbing scrubs I know the worship of the queen by the guests of Onitsha will be hidden Let me blow it and say iye eh eh WH0ever kills anyone, peace be upon him And preach to the world This is a very serious crime I know I’ve been up all night trying to find out The pain is that the Western Hemisphere is a source of income Inolu Nigeria who also keeps the proverb When the afu ino naija fa eme be kene sunny But when fa lost your picture where you are The city of a man of seven lives Good morning, my friend


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